The Writer’s Voice

People are raised by what is right and wrong, which unfortunately reflects into the way language is used in society. Standardized English was considered right, while the home language was considered wrong, but that’s just a myth. Many students don’t even realize what keeps getting marked wrong on their papers is actually part of the way they talk, and who they are—their home language. There seems to be a negative connotation towards the home language over the standardized, similarly with: the informal versus the formal, the casual versus the academic, and the home versus the school. Terms such as formal, academic, and school language have a hierarchy in this world. Saying the natural versus the imposed language balances this negativity away from the home language, and towards the imposed standardized language; in which I’ll use these terms (imposed and natural) to emphasize writing language. I understand that grammar is important, but the main point behind language is to understand one another. Language is living, and can be creatively manipulated through codeswitching. There’s a game that’s being played—pushing the boundaries of the imposed language. The natural language shouldn’t be completely revised, or edited out, but enticed to capture the audience.