The idea for this project was spurred in Spring 2015 in Composition & Rhetoric and Forms of Nonfiction, and it was continued in the following Fall ’16 semester with Linguistics. I missed bringing artwork into my writing, and thankfully Dr. Jen Boyle was interested in my idea for my thesis, becoming my mentor throughout the Spring ’16 semester as I experienced digital media, and the possibilities design lends itself to the way we read.

I’d like to thank Dr. Boyle for helping me make this project come to life. She continually encouraged me as we discussed the possibilities with digital media. As I got tangled in a web of ideas, we openly discussed clarity. I was able to use my art skills from my undergraduate minor at SUNY Oswego in a new way, entering digital media from a compositional perspective. I learned more about WordPress and computer coding than I ever have before. I shared my inspiration with her after going to AWP ’16 on Story by Design, with Samantha Gorman’s piece Pry. Dr. Boyle further introduced me to E-literature, which will further my ideas for my future projects.

As the semester went on my understanding of multimodality grew. After viewing the Scalar presentation at Coastal by Dr. Christian Smith, I was inspired by “Freedom’s Ring: King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech” by project coordinator Andrea McEvoy Spero, which branched the design for my thesis into a new direction. I discussed the possibility of creating a video of my creative work to supplement my academic analysis with Dr. Alan Reid. Thanks to Dr. Reid I was able to create a digital video aspect. As I worked my brevity creative nonfiction piece with my rhetoric paper, I then illustrated the pages. I used GarageBand and FMA: Free Music Archive for audio. Dr. Reid layered the text, images, and audio with iMovie, always helping me work around the complications that were thrown our way.

Thank you to Dr. Christian Smith for helping me get through the complications of rhetorical theory by letting me incorporate my creative writing with our final paper, as well as Dr. Dan Hasty for teaching me linguistics and the power behind the natural language.

Thank you to my M.A. Writing peers and the M.A.W. faculty who workshopped my essays, along with an extended thank you to my fellow peers from SUNY Oswego and the creative writing faculty at SUNY Oswego who made me fall in love with writing, workshopping my past work. I wouldn’t be where I am today in my writing without them.

And thank you to my very supportive mom, dad, and sister who always encouraged me to do the best I can in everything I do.